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FrodHouse 3.0 (Frog House)

FrodHouse 3.0 (Frog House)

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Introducing FrodHouse 3.0

Make your yard the envy of Frodland! Our custom pipe-based design guarantees you at least one Frod friend. With variable locations to choose from, plus rain capture and fountain, you'll be ready to roll with maximum Frod moisture. Plus, its frod hole, platform and plant spots make it the perfect Frodrickotopia. 

This is printed in a 100% Bio-Degradable material (some kind of corn, I don’t know how it works), we’ve tested this for over 6 months with no obvious signs of deterioration. The pipe that the house sits on is still normal plastic though.


  • Guaranteed to win you atleast 1 Frod friend*
  • Variable location design, put it on a fence, in the ground or in a pond!
  • Rain capture ceiling to maximise frod moisture
  • Pond overflows into pipe to maximise frod moisture
  • Fountain for water replacement automation
  • Frod hole & platform for improved Frod oasis access
  • Dual plant hole system for realistic froggo experience
  • Profits go towards Frod's housing and child support fund.
  • Home made - it's not perfect and it might break, plus no warranty!
  • House & platform made from 100% bio-degradable material. Tested now for over 12 months with no significant deterioration!
  • I said no warranty, but really if you’re unhappy for any reason let me know and I’ll replace or refund.

* Frod friend not guaranteed

Note: Frod means Frog, as in Frog House. It's a long story but thats what Frod's are called now.

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