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Frod (Frog) Pool Ramp

Frod (Frog) Pool Ramp

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Frod Pool Ramp, for saving the Frods (Frogs) & Lizards and such.

Depending on how big your pool lip is, and how deep it is, you may need 1 - 3 extenders to stop it from being really vertical.

Here are my current thoughts on extender ordering:

  • If your pool has a lip, get an extra extender.
  • If the water is greater than 20cm away from the top edge of your pool, get an extra extender.

So you could get away with 1 extender if your water level is less than 20cm down and you don’t have a lip.

But, you should get 3 extenders if your water is over 20cms away, and you have a large pool lip.

Does that make sense? This is quite convaluted, and could probably be explained much simpler 😅

keywords: frog ramp, pool ramp, critter ramp, animal saver

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